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No Lost Causes: Defense In Drunk Driving Cases


An arrest for driving under the influence is serious. It can mean jail time, loss of your license, hefty fines and long stretches of community service. If this is your first arrest, you might be tempted to fold your cards, plead guilty and accept the consequences. This might be more tempting if you’ve taken and failed a Breathalyzer test.

But speaking as an experienced legal defense attorney, I can tell you that it’s important not to concede anything. If you have a skilled legal team, you can fight – and fight successfully even the most daunting case against you.

The basis for a strong defense can start right from the moment the police officer became aware of you. It’s not illegal, for example, to weave inside a lane as long as you don’t cross the line. An officer must have reasonable suspicion that a crime such as DUI has occurred before you can be legally stopped.

Even the tests used — field sobriety, Breathalyzer tests and blood tests — can provide defense traction for an experienced attorney.

Anonymous tips, statute of limitation and private property laws can end up getting your arrest vacated. What you need is a legal team that understands the nuances of the law and uses them to protect your interests.

The legal team at Charles Fife and Associates has years of experience defending people accused of driving under the influence and driving while ability impaired. The firm concentrates a substantial percentage of its workload on DUI and DWAI cases, having handled more than 2,500 such cases. The firm's team of criminal defense lawyers is aggressive and knowledgeable, giving the accused the best chance to beat the charges.