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Defending Defendants Against Charges for Weapon-Related Crimes

Have you been charged with a firearms or other weapons-related crime? Depending on the exact nature of the alleged crime, you may be facing a felony conviction. If successfully convicted, you spend years of your life in prison. Due to the intense nature of weapons-related crimes, it is in your best interests to find a qualified Denver weapon offense lawyer to defend you in any criminal proceedings.

At Fife Luneau, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting the due process rights of our clients, as guaranteed by the United States Bill of Rights and the Colorado State Constitution. We are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive criminal defense strategy that is custom-tailored to address the specific circumstances and factors of your case.

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Colorado Firearms and Weapons Crimes

Under Colorado’s criminal code, there are several crimes that can relate to the use of firearms or weapons. Whether the weapon is a gun, a knife, or an explosive device, a person can be found guilty of these offenses through the mere unlicensed possession of a certain weapon.

Colorado crimes that relate to firearms and dangerous weapons include:

  • Possession of a dangerous weapon;
  • Unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon;
  • Unlawful possession of a weapon on school, college, or university grounds;
  • Unlawfully providing a handgun to a juvenile;
  • Possession or control of an explosive or incendiary device.

Serious Legal Issues Demand Serious Solutions

Colorado law highly regulates the possession and use of firearms and other dangerous weapons. If authorities have confronted you with charges related to the illegal or criminal use of a weapon, you should consult an experienced Denver weapon crimes attorney who has experience dealing with weapons offense cases.

At Fife Luneau, P.C., we have years of valuable courtroom experience defending against criminal charges such as firearms or weapons crimes. Whether the offense involves a low-level misdemeanor or a high-level felony, we will zealously advocate for your interests and rights at all stages of the criminal proceeding. From the arraignment to closing statements, you can count on us to support and guide you through criminal proceedings to ensure that your right to a fair trial isn’t infringed by government misconduct.

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  • DUI Acquittal Acquitted of All Charges
  • Speeding Dismissed
  • Client Investigated for Sexual Assault Charges Not Filed
  • DUI Pled to Careless Driving
  • DUI Pled to Reckless Driving
  • Client Investigated for Stalking Charges Not Filed
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence, Third Degree Assault, Phone Obstruction Dismissed
  • DUI, DWAI, Careless Driving Dismissed
  • DUI, DWAI Not Guilty

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  • Mr. Fife is eloquent and defends his clients with exquisite insight

    “Mr. Charlie Fife is not only an Attorney at Law, but an astute anthropologist. He studies and understands human behavior. Mistake(s) are what human beings make and then they need guidance, counsel, ...”

    - Anonymous
  • An exceptional lawyer with a superior grasp of DUI law, did an absolutely fantastic job in every aspect .

    “Danny Luneau is an exceptional lawyer with a superior grasp of DUI law. He has great communication skills, and he always kept in contact with me in a timely manner throughout my case. This was very ...”

    - Anonymous
  • An attorney that knows how to win and will not give up. Couldn’t be happier!

    “If you have a problem and need an attorney that knows how to win and will not give up, this is your man. When everything looked to be going for the prosecution, multiple extensions past speedy trial, ...”

    - Bill Barnett
  • Did a great job for me and got me off with probation and community service and one year DL suspension.

    “Did a great job for me and got me off with probation and community service and one year DL suspension. Have recommended him to others for similar cases. He is experienced and has also been on the ...”

    - Anonymous
  • Top notch! No one better!

    “Top notch! No one better!”

    - Mark A. Wolf


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