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Increased Rates of Certain Crimes in Denver During COVID-19 Outbreak


Since Governor Jared Polis issued the Colorado stay-at-home order on March 26, 2020, to combat the spread of COVID-19, The Denver Post reported that there has been a drastic reduction in crime rates in Denver. According to the Denver Police Department, there have been 4,772 crimes reported between March 15 and April 12, which is one-third less compared to the average of 7,038 crimes committed in the same four-week timeframe last year and in 2018.

Since residents are forced to remain in their homes throughout each day, there isn’t plenty of opportunities for people to commit crimes. A substantial drop in drug crimestraffic offenses, and sexual assaults have contributed to the decline in crime rates throughout the city. 

However, the following are several types of crimes that are on the rise since the COVID-19 outbreak: 

  • Business burglaries – Because many businesses are closed until further notice, desperate people may view this as an opportunity to steal. According to the Denver crime data, there were 175 business burglaries between March 15 and April 12, compared to 91 in 2019 and 84 in 2018. 

  • Auto thefts – Another type of theft that has risen is auto theft. On the week of March 15, there have been 268 auto thefts reported. On the week of April 19, there has been 337. 

  • Aggravated assaults – In the first weeks after the statewide stay-at-home order was issued, the average number of aggravated assaults each week was in the upper 50s. In the week of April 11, there were 97 assaults reported, which is above average for this period. 

  • Speeding – Although there has been a significant drop in DUIs and other traffic offenses since many people are no longer required to commute to work or school, the empty roads give motorists an opportunity to travel at high speeds. According to The Denver Post, a Lakewood police officer recently cited a driver going 149 mph on a road with a 65-mph speed limit. 

The last thing you want to deal with during the coronavirus pandemic is a criminal charge hanging over your head, especially if you lost your job and struggling to pay household expenses. If you have been arrested in Denver, our legal team at Fife Luneau, P.C. can protect your rights and freedom throughout the legal process and help you avoid harsh criminal penalties. 

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