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Aurora Police Invested $100,000 Into Dash Cams They Don’t Use


The Aurora Police Department bought 11 dashboard cameras, with the intent of using the footage in cases of DUI and other traffic violations. The cameras were intended to assist in these cases by providing concrete evidence – and hopefully justice – to the people of Aurora.

Unfortunately, Aurora hasn’t been able to see the benefits of the $100,000 dash cam installation project, because the cameras haven’t worked for the police department.

Aurora police officers claim they were not trained on how the dash cameras work, nor were they provided with log-in information. Some of the cameras didn’t work at all, and the furthest many officers were able to get was turning the camera on. But without log-in credentials, the cameras are not able to capture footage.

The lack of working dashboard-mounted cameras in the Aurora Police Department contributed to some questionable DUI cases going to trial. Without video evidence, juries in Aurora have been wary to convict people accused of driving under the influence and other traffic violations.

According to a statement from the Aurora Police Department, the 11 dash cam-outfitted patrol cars represent a fraction of the department’s fleet, which has about 200 vehicles. Despite having issues with the cameras since they were introduced, the Aurora Police Department does not have anyone assigned to the maintenance of the systems.

Dashboard-mounted cameras are being phased out of the Aurora Police Department’s standard equipment in favor of body cameras, says the statement. The police department added, “The APD Traffic Section updated existing policies in April 2017 clarifying that the in-car camera system should be activated along with a body-worn camera.”

Additionally, the statement says “there is currently an active internal investigation related to in-car camera use.”

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