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DUID Case Ends in Acquittal, Despite Strong Evidence Collected by Prosecution


Fife Luneau, P.C. is known throughout Denver and the rest of Colorado for being a driving under the influence (DUI) defense law firm capable of handling any case. Our extensive experience and history of positive case results, including high-stakes trials, backs our reputation with real actions and results. No matter the evidence collected against our clients, we have the talents and knowledge needed to refute it, as we did in the recent case of People v. J.H., which ended in an acquittal.

Key Details of People v. J.H.

Our client was arrested in Douglas County for a DUID, or DUI drugs. According to the police reports, our client was allegedly driving the wrong way on the highway before being pulled over and arrested. The responding officers stated the defendant had slurred speech, bloodshot and water eyes, and unsteady balance. There was also apparently a noticeable odor of marijuana on the defendant, who would later submit to a blood test that detected 7 nanograms per milliliter of marijuana. Furthermore, our client failed three optional field sobriety tests.

All of the evidence seemed to suggest impairment due to marijuana use and potentially alcohol. The prosecution was certain a conviction would be possible and undoubtedly expected some sort of plea deal to be entered. However, as we have established, Fife Luneau, P.C. does not back down when our clients’ futures and freedom are on the line. Our attorneys brought the case to trial, where we successfully defeated the evidence and secured an acquittal of DUID and DWAID charges.

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Have you been accused of a DUI or charged with the crime? Your driving privileges can be revoked, your finances drained due to fines, and your time lost due to imprisonment if you are convicted. Get our Denver DUI attorneys on your side as soon as possible to know you are doing what you can to protect yourself. We have the experience needed to manage any DUI case from start to finish.

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(Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Each case is different. Many of our cases have also been won on pretrial motions to suppress and/or dismiss as well as through successful negotiations with prosecutors. Our complete list of jury trial and pretrial victories is too voluminous to list.)