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Colorado Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in federal court is a frightening prospect. Not only are federal crimes prosecuted in the United States District Court and subject to federal law, federal offenses are generally more complex than state offenses, and require more preparation and experience than a state felony or misdemeanor crime. The Denver criminal defense attorneys at Fife Luneau, PC possess the knowledge and skill to effectively handle cases in federal court.

Understanding Federal Charges

Criminal charges may be filed in federal court if an offense violates a federal law. In some cases, a charge may be brought in federal or state court depending on the circumstances of an arrest or criminal investigation. For offenses involving interstate commerce, national security, and federal programs, the federal government often has exclusive power to prosecute alleged crimes. Any of the following offenses may be prosecuted in federal court:

  • Certain drug crimes, including drug manufacturing, sales, and trafficking
  • Federal controlled substance violations
  • Weapons charges and gun law violations
  • Internet crimes, such as child pornography and solicitation, cyberstalking, and hacking
  • White collar crimes, including credit card fraud, identity theft, and antitrust violations
  • Immigration crimes
  • Intellectual property crimes, such as copyright and trademark infringement

Some offenses generally handled at the state level may be charged as federal crimes in certain circumstances. For example, drug possession charges are normally filed in state court; however, if you are arrested by a federal officer or arrested on federal property you may be charged with a federal offense. Even if you are arrested by local Denver law enforcement, a possession charge can be moved to federal court if federal authorities have an interest in your case. An experienced Denver drug possession lawyer at Charles L. Fife & Associates, PC knows how to handle these situations, and will do everything possible to keep a close case in state court, thus avoiding the possibility of a federal prison sentence.

Seek Advice & Counsel from an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver

If you face criminal charges in federal court, you need a defense attorney with specific experience handling federal cases. A Denver federal criminal defense lawyer at Fife Luneau, PC can see you through grand jury investigations and indictment hearings, and aggressively represent you during federal criminal proceedings. Please contact our offices for a free initial consultation, and we can begin planning your defense strategy. Our goal is to give you the confidence you need to fight and win against federal charges.

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