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The National Trial Lawyers Fife Luneau, P.C.
We consider ourselves the best DUI lawyers in Colorado. We invite you to visit our recent results link and compare our results to other law firms. We are confident that a simple comparison will reveal that there is no law firm or lawyer more competent or capable of achieving the best possible result for your case than Fife Luneau, P.C. Call us now.

Denver DUI Attorneys with a Passion for Criminal Defense

Colorado Criminal Lawyer Handling DUI, Drug Possession, Assault, Theft & Sex Crimes

The team of Denver criminal defense attorneys at Fife Luneau, PC provides experienced, aggressive representation to people facing criminal charges in Colorado state and federal courts. As trial lawyers practicing exclusively criminal law, we are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights and liberties no matter the charge or challenge before us. To put it plainly, we will not plead guilty when we can fight to obtain a better outcome for our client.

If you need a DUI attorney in Colorado, our firm has successfully handled thousands of drunk driving and intoxicated driving-related charges at all stages of legal proceedings, including DUI and DWAI, DUID, DMV hearings, DUI sentencing, driving under suspension (DUS), commercial license DUI, and vehicular manslaughter. We work tirelessly to help our clients avoid the potentially serious consequences of a DUI arrest, understanding that a conviction can greatly impact a person's life, livelihood, and future.

As experienced DUI lawyers in Denver, our knowledge and defense expertise is not limited to intoxicated driving charges. A Colorado criminal lawyer at Fife Luneau, PC can also help with habitual traffic offender (HTO) status, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, juvenile offenses, sealing records, probation violations, and federal crimes.

Commitment to Our Calling & Our Clients

Denver DUI defense lawyer Charlie Fife believes that criminal defense is an attorney's highest calling. More than two decades ago, he established this firm to focus all of his effort and skill in the area of criminal defense, and to ultimately uphold the fundamental legal principle of innocent until proven guilty. Today, we are no less passionate about pursuing justice for our clients and ensuring the fairness of criminal proceedings.

Contact a Denver, Colorado DUI Attorney for Aggressive Representation & Peace of Mind

If you or a loved one needs the assistance of a Colorado DUI attorney, or if you face any type of criminal charge in state or federal court, do not hesitate to contact Fife Luneau, PC. Your first consultation with a Denver criminal lawyer at our firm is free of charge, and if you retain our services, we work on a flat fee, which means there are no surprises regarding the cost of our representation. For our clients, we are available 24-7 by phone, and will make evening and Saturday appointments when necessary. We accept all major credit cards.

I have known Charles L. Fife for 2 years now. Unfortunately, I required his personal expertise as an attorney earlier this year. I was very relieved when Mr. Fife agreed to take my case....


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