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Juvenile DUI Penalties Served at Home

Colorado Diversion Program Every parent’s nightmare is the call late at night from their teen saying they have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). It certainly is no one’s intent that such events occur, but many acknowledge that experimentation with alcohol and drugs is a common rite of passage for teenagers. That said,… Read More »

Colorado DUI Laws Since 2008 Rehabilitation Oriented

Over the past several years, Colorado has changed its drunk driving laws for DUI (driving under the influence) and DWAI (driving while ability impaired) in an effort towards cutting down on drunk driving that has spread across the country. The drunk driving bills passed in 2008 in particular have made certain punishments automatic. Revocation of… Read More »

Legal Marijuana Sellers in Colorado at Risk for Arrest?

Before the passage of Amendment 64 by Colorado’s voters in 2012, legal challenges to medical marijuana dispensaries provided a glimpse of what the state now faces in attempting to fairly regulate recreational cannabis use. By March of 2013, key legislators were highly critical of the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s progress in establishing marijuana rules. A system… Read More »

Rules for Marijuana Tourism in Colorado

Nowhere in the laws resulting from Amendment 64, Colorado’s 2012 voter referendum that allows possession and use of up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes, does it say “for Colorado residents only.” To hoteliers, restaurants, campground operators, concert venue operators and gas retailers this suggests a business opportunity in the form of marijuana… Read More »

Colorado Pot Rules: More than One Ounce Still Illegal

Colorado’s laws regarding marijuana possession have certainly been liberalized relative to the rest of the nation. But it is still quite easy to be in violation of the law to possess, grow, distribute or use pot under some circumstances. Most clear in the new marijuana law are the following: Possession is limited to one ounce… Read More »

How Stringent is Colorado’s Six Marijuana Plant Rule?

The passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado made clear that voters wanted to see cannabis made legal and that marijuana use should not be criminal in the state. But the particulars of the new laws around marijuana have left many scratching their heads – including provisions that allow marijuana users to grow their own plants…. Read More »

Marijuana Legalization and Children in Colorado

Beginning in 2010, a full three years before Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 – the pot legalization bill – problems with marijuana in households with children began to surface. The Coloradoan reports this is when the first of 14 cases of emergency room visits by children who had ingested medical marijuana were reported at Children’s… Read More »

Colorado Marijuana Laws a Grey Area in DUID Cases

Colorado DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) defense lawyers are beginning to encounter cases related to the state’s recently liberalized marijuana laws. What is clear is that pot possession of one ounce or less by persons age 21 or older is now perfectly legal. What is unclear following the pro-marijuana vote (Amendment 64) in… Read More »

Parents of a Minor in Possession

There is one piece of good news for parents of a minor charged with illegal consumption or possession of alcohol. Parents are not held liable for their child’s actions (unless, of course, the parent instigated the illegal activity, such as taking your kid to the local bar for a drink — a bad idea if… Read More »

Habitual Traffic Offenders: Doing the Math

Most Colorado residents have heard of the habitual offender law the state enacted in 1994. Simply put, the law mandates that anyone convicted of three felony offenses is subject to a mandatory prison sentence of four times the normal statutory penalty for the third offense. Thus, the law is often called the three-strike law borrowing… Read More »

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