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Were you told to take a DUI blood test after being pulled over or arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI)? Were the results of your DUI blood test not in your favor? Do not give up. You can still challenge the test results and your charges with the help of Fife Luneau, P.C. and our Denver DUI defense lawyer.

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What is a DUI Blood Test?

To press DUI charges, a prosecutor needs ample evidence of intoxication in many cases. A police officer’s statements might not be enough. The collection of more concrete evidence of intoxication can be made possible with a DUI blood test, which is generally taken at a police station after a DUI arrest but before charges are actually filed.

The results of the blood test will show the suspect’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level at the time of testing. An adult with a standard driver’s license is legally intoxicated with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, which can warrant a DUI charge. A BAC of just 0.05 can also constitute a driving while ability impaired (DWAI) charge in Colorado.

Challenging a DUI Blood Test

The most noticeable way to challenge a DUI blood test is to question the justification and legality of the test itself. To get a blood sample from a criminal suspect, law enforcement agencies must first obtain a warrant from a court, which can take many hours or longer in some situations. In their haste to grab usable evidence, and to not give a suspect time to sober and naturally lower their BAC level, a law enforcement agent might conduct a blood draw and test with no warrant. If this can be proven by our Denver DUI lawyer, we might be able to get all evidence collected against you deemed inadmissible by the court.

Other arguments against DUI blood tests could include:

  • Blood sample was not stored properly, leading to contamination.
  • Test administrator was untrained, causing an abnormally high BAC reading.
  • Testing machine was not maintained or otherwise defective.

Right Now is the Best Time to Protect Your Rights & Driving Privilege

The prosecution will move quickly to try to secure a DUI conviction when there appears to be DUI blood test evidence in their favor. You do not have time to spare. Call (720) 408-7130 or contact our Denver DUI defense attorney online as soon as you can. We look forward to helping you.


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