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Denver Sexting Attorney

A Denver Juvenile Sexting & Texting Attorney Explains Offenses Related to Sexting

Fife Luneau, PC provides aggressive, nonjudgmental defense representation to people accused of sex crimes in Denver County and throughout Colorado. A relatively recent development in the prosecution of sex crimes relates to the practice of "sexting," which involves sending explicit images or other sexual content via text messages. Our firm stays up-to-date on developments in criminal law, and can help both adults and juveniles charged with offenses involving sexting or texting.

Experienced Denver Sexting Lawyer Representing Adults & Juveniles in Colorado Courts

While Colorado does not have actual laws against sexting, the practice of sexting may lead to other serious charges, such as sexual exploitation of a minor, child enticement, and indecent exposure. Sending texts of a sexual nature has become increasingly prevalent among teenagers, who often do not realize the serious consequences of sending an explicit photo to a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend. In fact, Colorado high school students' cell phones have been confiscated to investigate accusations of sharing sexually explicit photos.

If evidence of sexting is found on a student's cell phone, he or she could be charged with sexual exploitation of minor. In 2009, the Colorado legislature clarified that internet sexual exploitation of a minor includes use of cell phones to share images, and a that the offense applies to an individual the actor knows or believes to be under 15 and at least four years younger than the actor. Recent laws also clarify that it is illegal to lure a child under the age of 15 by sending sexually explicit text messages or pictures through a cell phone.

Sexual exploitation of a minor is a Class Six felony with penalties ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 in fines to up to two years in jail, plus required registration as a sex offender. Being convicted of a felony as a teenager can destroy a young person's life, making it difficult to gain acceptance to colleges, obtain student loans, join the military, or even get a menial job.

Contact a Juvenile Sexting & Texting Lawyer in Denver if You Face Criminal Charges

If you or your child has been charged with a sexting-related crime in Colorado, please contact the Denver criminal defense team at Charles L. Fife & Associates, PC for a free initial consultation. We understand that you probably never thought you would face criminal charges for sending a text message. Our attorneys can help you prevent an error in judgment from substantially impacting your life.

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