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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Assisting Adults & Juveniles with Sealing Records

The Denver criminal defense attorneys at Fife Luneau, PC assist both adults and juveniles with sealing records in Colorado. Sealing a criminal record can prevent an unfortunate incident from negatively impacting your life in the future, and truly give you a fresh start.

How can I Seal a Criminal Conviction in Colorado?

Sealing a criminal record means that you may legally state, in most cases, that the sealed crime or arrest never occurred, and law enforcement and government officers must respond to any inquiries about your record by stating that there is no record. In Colorado, you may petition to seal criminal records for most felony and misdemeanor charges if:

  1. You were under investigation for an offense, but the matter was dropped and charges were never filed in your case;
  2. Charges were filed in your case, but all charges were subsequently dismissed, including cases in which a dismissal resulted from successful completion of a deferred sentence; or
  3. You were found not guilty of all charges.

A criminal record cannot be sealed if you were found guilty at trial or pled guilty in a plea bargain situation. But even when you were not actually convicted of a crime, an arrest or criminal investigation is a blemish on your record that may lead to serious employment, educational, and career setbacks. Sealing a criminal record can have an immensely positive impact on your life.

Sealing Juvenile Records

If you were arrested as a minor, or if your child was arrested or charged with a crime or juvenile delinquency, sealing a juvenile record can help ensure that a childhood mistake does not stand in the way of future goals and opportunities. A juvenile record may be sealed if:

  1. You have not been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony or adjudicated as juvenile delinquent since your release from parole or termination of court supervision;
  2. No criminal charges or legal proceedings are pending against you;
  3. You have undergone rehabilitation to the satisfaction of the court; and
  4. A judge determines that sealing your record is in your best interest.

While you can file a petition to seal a criminal record yourself, an experienced criminal defense attorney can greatly facilitate the process. At Charles L. Fife & Associates, PC, the attorney handling your petition will thoroughly research your case and ensure all necessary paperwork is filed correctly, so that no time or opportunity is lost as the result of incomplete or inadequate forms. We can also represent you at any hearings and argue your case to the judge in charge of granting or denying your petition.

Seek Experienced, Aggressive Defense Counsel to Help You Seal Your Record

If you were arrested or charged with a crime as an adult or juvenile, do not allow the incident to come back to haunt you in the future. Please contact Fife Luneau, PC today for a free initial consultation to discuss your eligibility for record sealing.

I have known Charles L. Fife for 2 years now. Unfortunately, I required his personal expertise as an attorney earlier this year. I was very relieved when Mr. Fife agreed to take my case....


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